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a potential 'new' Legacy user's question - MEL - 04-02-2013 12:04 PM

I was referring a potential new user to the Legacy program and after they browsed through the Legacy web pages, they were most enthusiastic of the Report and Book capabilities.

But then they asked me a simple question, if it was possible for a user to add an “introductory or background information” to their family file, something relating to how they started the research, perhaps strange or unusual things found, etc.” Quite frankly, I didn’t have an immediate response for them other than to keep such notes and information in a separate text file. But they countered with that the whole concept of keeping one database was to keep everything together in one file rather than two or more files. I thought about this more and wondered if the appropriate spot would be to add this info to the “Compiler Information Comments” area. I’m not too sure just how much text this box holds as I’ve never added anything beyond one sentence.

Any ideas?

Brian in California
(question reposted with Brian's permission)

Hi Brian,

I have been following this tread and trying a few things to see if there may be a work around since there is no way, at present, within Legacy to create the document page or pages relating to the research into a family file.

I would suggest starting a word document, list everything you wish to include, wording it to suit your desired outcome. Name your document and save it in C:\Legacy. Now as you locate new information and wish to include it all you need to do is edit the stored document.

When you wish to create a book report with this document information included just go to the Start Button on your computer click My Computer>C:\Legacy>folder (where you stored the document) highlight the stored text, click copy.

Go to the Individual that you wish to be the starting person in the report. Click Reports>Publishing Centre>Special Text Entry>Add>Enter a Title, in the box below the title paste the document data>save. Select the type of report you want in the book, (I selected Descendant report)>Add.

Make sure that the Special Text Entry is at the top of the list.

Now click View before you print and see if this is what you want.
This will create a few extra steps but until Legacy adds a new feature to its program this may help.

(answer reposted with Leo's permission)

RE: a potential 'new' Legacy user's question - MEL - 04-02-2013 01:22 PM

The Book Reports in Legacy support several sections in the preface of the report when you select the Publishing Center:
- Copyright Notice Page
- Dedication Page
- Preface Page
- Abbreviations Page
- Introduction Section

Click Reports>Publishing Centre; add the chapter items in the book under the 'Contents' tab; enable and create the text for a Copyright Notice, Dedication, Preface, Abbreviations, Introduction under the 'Additional'
tab. Samples are even provided for each by clicking on the 'Example'
button. You can't create a complicated page layout with tables and images but it handles the text like other Legacy notes.

You can save the Book Report as a *.bkh file, so you won't have to recreate the document layout with the preface material next time. For some it may be desirable to store the preface text as part of the family file but this way you could create multiple Descendancy Reports for different family lines in one family file with different Dedications or Introductions.

(permission given by Bruce to repost his reply)

RE: a potential 'new' Legacy user's question - MEL - 04-02-2013 03:17 PM


No problem!!

If you go to Reports/Publishing Centre and then look under the 'Additional' tab you will see a number of options which leave vacant pages to allow additional pages to be inserted.

Ron Ferguson
(reply reposted with permission of Ron)